Moving away from manual reporting methods within the Construction Sector will make a significant difference to the way you manage health and safety. Whether for incident and near miss reporting. Or for inspections & audits and risk assessments. Mirashare’s Health and Safety Software can help support the change you need.

Giving your workers the right tools is essential. They need to be easy to use, straight forward and reliable. This in turn means they are more likely to see it, report it, and sort it. And with all the data you need at your fingertips, you can manage your unique risks better. In addition, you can also respond quickly and effectively, and demonstrate clear compliance. With Mirashare’s mobile reporting app, everyone can have access to report incidents and near misses, as and when they happen.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you work across multiple projects or even several locations. Mirashare is a first-class health and safety software solution. In short, it can can help you engage your workforce and manage safety risk.

Download our Free Guide to Risk Management today to understand how much incidents could be costing your business, explore how Mirashare can help you reduce your exposure, and identify the transparent and hidden costs of managing health and safety effectively.