Our customers love the fact that Mirashare is easy to use and can be configured to meet their business needs. Our health and safety software delivers real time management information. And that’s at a level of granularity they both want and need.

Mirashare’s unparalleled support and customer service is both responsive and personal. We believe we’re the right choice, no matter how small or large your business.  In addition, we have a 97% renewal rate which is a testament to our system quality, stability, and approach.  Below are a set of our frequently asked questions. However, if you have any queries not covered here, please Contact us

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Can users be given different levels of access to view and update data?2018-12-20T21:56:16+00:00

Yes, you can control what a person sees by assigning them to specific roles.  This facility combined with the person’s location, enables you to set up the system in the way that suits your organisation’s culture, whether transparent or tightly locked down.  Any sensitive data can be strictly controlled e.g. details of personal injuries are normally only available to the occupational health department.

Can staff working off site report incidents from their personal computer?2018-12-20T21:57:10+00:00

Yes, they can report an incident or near miss from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection, without the need for software downloads.   As soon as an incident is reported, Mirashare can send an email (or an SMS Text Message) to those who need to know, so that the appropriate action can be taken without delay.  In addition, depending on how your business operates, we can also offer a mobile application called ‘Mirasnap’ which enables your staff working off site to report incidents and near miss’s with just a few clicks.

Can elements of the system be configured, depending on our needs?2018-12-20T21:57:49+00:00

Yes.  There are drop down lists across all Mirashare Modules, which can be changed and maintained by your nominated Systems Administrator.  For example, within the Incident Management module you can change the configuration for location where the incident happened, the severity of the incident, its categorisation as well as types of injury.  Such changes will depend on how you want to record the data, and what reporting you want to drive from the system.

Can we use our own templates for Inspection Audits?2018-12-20T21:58:48+00:00

Yes.  Our Inspection Audits and Risk Assessment Modules are both template driven.  We will work together with you to understand your needs and design template formats that meet the demands of your business.  As an example, for Inspection Audits, you can choose the layout of a particular template, select whether you want the format to be question or observation based, configure the classification for observations, group questions together under separate headings, and provide ‘help’ text to support the user.

If I create some CAPA actions as a result of reviewing a risk assessment, then others as a result of an incident or an audit report, can I see a summary of all the actions that have been created?2018-12-20T21:59:54+00:00

Yes, you can. The Action Tracking module of Mirashare displays all actions and tells you which module they were originally created in and who they were assigned to.  You can also link straight back into the incident or other event that led to the creation of the CAPA.

Does Mirashare use Version Control for Risk Assessments?2018-12-20T22:00:41+00:00

It does.  When a user accesses Mirashare, they will always see the latest approved version of a risk assessment – and only that one. If a risk assessment is under review, Mirashare tells you this is the case. The reviewer will be working on the next (hidden) version that will be released once it has been signed off online and it will immediately replace the previous version.  All old versions are retained and you can always tell which version was in force on a given date.

Can records be accidentally deleted by users within our business?2018-12-20T22:01:24+00:00

No – records cannot be deleted once created.  This means that you have a fully auditable set or data with no gaps, no room for error and maximum compliance.  An ‘Audit Trail’ feature associated with every record also provides details of each change made.

What support can you provide us for training, particularly across multiple locations?2018-12-20T22:02:03+00:00

Elmstone has developed a series of online training modules to support the introduction of Mirashare. These are fully integrated into the system and are available to anyone logging into your system. Apart from the standard Incident Management, Risk Assessment, Audit Reporting and Action Tracking modules there is training in how to make best use of the Search, Reporting and Charting features.  We also offer a range of ‘Quick Guides’ to support in the administration of the system, and can provide 121 or classroom training, depending on your needs and budget.

Does Mirashare have a ‘one click’ solution for my reporting needs?2018-12-20T22:02:36+00:00

Yes, it does, once you have defined your reports. You can create a search to retrieve exactly the data you need displayed and then save the search for future use. Reserve words enable you to re-run it each month without having to change the dates. This can feed directly into the charting module which displays your data in the format of your choice. If you are presenting online you can drill down from the chart to see the underlying data.  Otherwise you can export and print the charts, or detailed search results.

How long does it take to get up and running with Mirashare?2018-12-20T22:03:04+00:00

This varies depending on your organisation’s size and complexity, and the approach being taken to historical data.  At its simplest it can be achieved in a matter of days.

Is there a maximum number of users we can have?2018-12-20T22:03:29+00:00

No.  Mirashare has been designed to accommodate any number of users.  We work with small organisations with less than 100 users through to multinational companies with thousands.  Our collaborative approach to implementation helps you to become owners of ‘Your Mirashare’, and our scalable approach to licensing is designed to maximise your return on investment.

Would our data be secure and within GDPR Guidelines?2018-12-20T22:03:53+00:00

Yes.  All data is stored remotely and securely via an external hosting company.  Data is backed up daily and terms of service as well as our GDPR compliance commitment is covered under our Application Service Provider Agreement.

Can data from another system be imported so we don’t lose it?2018-12-20T22:04:16+00:00

Yes, but this will depend on the format of the data and would be scoped prior to implementation.  We would work together with you to determine requirements.

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