The Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register in the UK alone has 1163 registered Health and Safety Consultants listed. From our experience over the last 23 years, we understand that consulting service offerings can range enormously. This can depend on your company size and your area of EHS specialism as well as the industries in which you operate.

However, the adoption of EHS software to help you help your customers (and save you time), is often overlooked.

Consequently, some of the biggest challenges for consultants – both large and small – are the visibility of data being collected (both for you and for your customers), and the sharing of issues, findings, and best practice in an efficient, effective, and timely manner.

Overcoming these challenges ultimately leads to a happier, more satisfied, and safer end customer. It also means you can provide more informed advice. And at the same time you’re saving precious hours through more effective communication. That’s time previously spent pulling spreadsheets together perhaps or chasing actions. More than this though, it means by being more productive, you have quality time to invest in reaching more customers. And that includes developing new relationships, growing your brand, increasing your reputation.

Mirashare’s EHS Software for Consultants can help

EHS software for consultants

Here at Mirashare we’ve got a great software solution for you.

Whether you’re performing audits for a customer who wants visibility of the results or documenting risk assessments that they want to share with their teams. We can help. With 14 modules to choose from, Mirashare gives you the right platform to report, capture, analyse and interrogate your customers’ EHS data. In addition, it can even handle the fact that your customers may have multiple locations too!

With our consulting model you can separate data, but still retain the overview you and your team need.

Also, because Mirashare is permission-based software, you decide who has access to what areas. That could be for your own internal team of auditors, or your end customers – it’s your call. What’s more, with all your data in one place, you can quickly identify trends, increasing the true value you’re adding. And it also means you can share best practice if you want to and monitor progress of actions you’ve allocated right through to completion. With Mirashare, your fingertips will always be on the pulse of real time data, leading to improved decision making and a happier, healthier, and safer customer.

Most popular modules with our Consulting Customers

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