Despite our best efforts things break or need attention from time to time. 

This may be anything from a broken chair, to a stopped clock, or a housekeeping request.

Ways of processing these requests often vary and often no formal record is being kept.

This makes it difficult to keep track of what has been fixed and what is still outstanding.

Facility Requests Management

The Facility Requests Application offers a simple general access tool for handling these requests: 

  • A request is categorised by type and this determines which department or person it will be directed to
  • Actions relating to requests can be added by authorised users and tracked through the Mirashare action tracking system
  • Requests are managed to closure by facilities team, search and graphing allows trending and KPIs to be measured     
  • Reports and summaries always available to see current status of requests

The key benefits of implementing Facility Requests, if you don’t already have a solution in place, are:

  • It provides total visibility of work requests
  • It helps identify long term where the additional work is required, enabling resources to be better managed
  • Repairs are more likely to get done and to be completed on time
  • Assists with efficiency. The search facility enables checking of jobs, by location for example. So a fixer could check to see if there are other jobs awaiting completion at a specific location

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