With Mirashare’s easy-to-use Inspection and Audit software you can take your Inspections and Audits to the next level, giving you enhanced control, increased consistency and improved compliance. And because the system has a high degree of flexibility, you can use it across any part of your business where risk management, governance, and adherence to control processes are vital.

Audit and inspection plays a key role in ensuring that safe working practices are standardised and maintained. It also allows you to demonstrate internally and externally, to all stakeholders, that you are running an efficient and effective health and safety management system – keeping your people safe at all times.

Inspection and Audit Software

Key Features

Customisable templates

Assign audit approvers

Automatically schedule audits

Integrated action tracking

Configure and classify observations

Attach any document


Inspection and Audit Software Benefits

    Wave goodbye to paper trails with automated workflow

  • Automated workflow including notification when an audit is due, when it’s completed and approved
  • Everyone working from the same template means you have a standard approach across all departments
  • Include guidance notes at each step of the audit to drive consistency and understanding
  • Save time and administration effort by scheduling regular, repeatable audits
Inspection and Audit Software Benefits

Improve your control and compliance

  • Provide traceability by sending audits and inspections through a defined workflow
  • Integrates seamlessly with Action Tracking to ensure all actions are tracked and escalated where needed
  • Permission controlled access gives you peace of mind
  • Standardise and store all your Audits and Inspections securely, in one place
Inspection and Audit Software Benefits

Bring your audit data to life

  • Identify trends quickly using real-time information to drive change and improvement
  • Use Audit Scoring to drive real measurement from your results, allowing you to manage by exception
  • Generate graphs in one click to provide a powerful visual representation of your results
  • Drill down using real-time information to get to the heart of the issue
  • See and compare all your data in one place for your entire organisation

If you have, or are seeking an ISO accreditation or OHSAS 18001, the Inspection and Audit module helps you evidence and meet regulatory compliance. And it doesn’t just stop there. Many other areas of a business, outside of Health and Safety, can also benefit from the use of Mirashare’s Inspection and Audit Software.

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