Creating sustainable improvement in health and safety management requires confidence that the right action is being taken at the right time. Everyone involved in EHS management needs to know:

  • What actions exist
  • Why they exist
  • Who owns them
  • When they are completed 
  • Whether they are being completed correctly

You also need the power to react if things are not on track.

CAPA Management Software

Integrating with all our EHS modules, the Action Tracking module captures comprehensive information on actions arising in any Mirashare module including Risk Assessment, Incident Management, Audit and Inspection, and stores them in a central repository. Owners and work flow can be automatically assigned. Action completion is managed by digital signature and can be reviewed to ensure that action is effective.

Action Tracking as a standalone module

Whilst Action Tracking sits at the heart of Mirashare, it can also be implemented as a standalone module, making it the perfect option for businesses who want a central place to record, track and report on actions, no matter which department or area of the business they come from.

Comprehensive reporting and sophisticated searching allows multi level charting and reporting, giving you enhanced control and improved visibility.

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