With Mirashare’s easy to use cloud-based Action Tracking Software you can quickly record and assign actions in just a few steps, monitor their progress, and ensure overdue actions are escalated. In addition, given its versatility, it has a wider use across other areas of your business too.

Creating sustainable improvement in health and safety management requires confidence that the right action is being taken at the right time, and by the right person. This is sometimes the result of actions identified when completing Audits or Risk Assessments. Similarly, it can be actions raised during health and safety meetings.

Action Tracking Software

Key Features

Integrated or Standalone

Assign actions and record due dates

Instant email notifications

Attach any file

Configure automatic escalations

Raise actions by due date or prioritisation


Action Tracking Software Benefits

Always stay on top of the action

  • With action tracking at the heart of Mirashare, you’ll never lose track of an action again
  • Instant notification to the assignee when an action has been raised provides a clear audit trail
  • Add the action to your calendar to help remind you when its due
  • Moreover, as with all Mirashare Modules, Action Tracking has a full audit trail, putting you firmly in control
Action Tracking Software Benefits

Balance your workload

  • See your teams’ open actions at a glance and identify who’s overloaded
  • Monitor team performance. For example, identify those who are not completing actions on time
  • Assign and delegate actions quickly to ensure all areas are covered appropriately
  • Choose to review an action before final sign off giving you additional peace of mind
  • In short, use Action Tracking across any area of the business – it doesn’t have to be purely health and safety
Action Tracking Software Benefits

Bring your action tracking data to life

  • Configure your reports how you need them – for example by assignee, overdue actions, time to close
  • Generate graphs in one click to provide a powerful visual representation of your results
  • Similarly, you can drill down in real-time to get to the heart of the issue – a powerful feature during meetings
  • With Mirashare’s Action Tracking Software, you can see and compare your data in one place for your entire organisation
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