Reduce EHS Costs and Improve Safety

Do some people in your organisation think that using software specifically designed to help manage your EHS activities will be very costly? Perhaps they regard anything more than an Excel spreadsheet as an extravagance?

Let us help you demonstrate how a good EHS Management System such as Mirashare can help your organisation’s bottom line as well as the health of your employees. This Cost Benefit Analysis tool shows you how.

Our Cost Benefit Analysis tool identifies those areas where major savings can be made and makes it simple and quick for you to see the impact on your organisation. It has been created in collaboration with Health and Safety professionals and shows you where to find savings that can give you a return on investment in year one and even great savings over 5 years.

Properly implemented, software such as Mirashare can save time, money and reduce incidents as well as injuries – something that all senior managers will certainly want to know about.

To receive a free copy of our Cost Benefit Analysis tool please fill out the details below and we’ll email you a link to download it.

(If you have any questions about this or would like help completing your organisation’s CBA, please call 01304 382410 and ask for the Mirashare support team.)