Save Time, Improve Safety, Reduce Incidents

Implementation of health and safety software such as Mirashare will save time, money and reduce incidents as well as injuries. These are just some of the cost benefits of EHS software that all senior managers certainly want to know about.

However, do people in your organisation think using new software will be very expensive? In addition, do they see anything more than a spreadsheet as an extravagance? Here at Mirashare we have experienced many successful implementations over the last 23 years. As a result, we understand that cost benefit analysis is often a key part of the buy-in process. Also, given our experience, we can provide you a tool to help identify the cost benefits of EHS software.

Our team at Mirashare firmly believes that investment in an EHS software solution is a cost-effective choice. Consequently, such an investment also delivers long term benefits to your organisation too. In short, these benefits include increasing productivity, streamlining your approach to EHS and cost avoidance, both from a human and financial perspective.

As Mirashare is a modular solution, you are only paying for the modules you really want, and most importantly not functionality that you don’t need.  Similarly, our approach to licence fee structure provides scalability and ability to grow with your business, ensuring great value for money.

Let us show you how an effective EHS software solution can not only improve your organisation’s productivity, but also the health and safety of your employees. Download our free ‘Counting the Cost’ guide to help identify the cost benefits of EHS software. Above all, we think you’ll find it a useful tool to help you build a stronger business case for change.

Cost Benefits of EHS Software

Additionally, if you have any questions on the benefits of EHS Software, or would like to discuss how savings can be applied across your business, please call (01304) 382 410. A member of our Mirashare Team will be happy to help.

Meanwhile, explore some of the modules Mirashare has to offer. Alternatively select all 14 modules and let us demonstrate how Mirashare can help your business today:

Incident Management - Cost Benefits of EHS Software

Incident Management

Incident App - Cost Benefits of EHS Software

Incident App

Risk Assessment - Cost Benefits of EHS Software

Risk Assessment

All Modules - Cost Benefits of EHS Software

All 14 Modules