Manufacturing is an extremely diverse sector. It encompasses a wide range from heavy industries to more specialist or delicate operations. And with over 2.7 million people employed in the UK alone, it’s a sector with many challenges.

No matter where they are in the world or what they produce, manufacturers are constantly under pressure. That could be in terms of manufacturing products even more quickly. Or adapting products to meet new local market requirements. In addition, with many organisations operating a global factory footprint, network wide views when it comes to health and safety compliance are becoming ever more important.

Whatever the challenge, communication and engagement are vital elements to achieving success. As a result, for EHS professionals, building a well-informed, safe and engaged workplace is key to achieving first class health and safety compliance. And it’s not just about having the right processes in place – it’s also about having the right platform to report, capture, analyse and interrogate your health and safety data, combined with the ability to share information and best practice in a timely and efficient manner.

Mirashare’s EHS Software for Manufacturing can help

EHS software for manufacturing

Here at Mirashare we offer a 14-module solution that can help you build an even safer and healthier workplace. We cover all the usual modules you’d expect to find in a quality EHS Software Solution from Incident Management to Risk Assessment, Inspections and Audits to Chemical Approval.  And the great thing is, you only pay for the modules you know you want to use.

Mirashare is often praised by customers as being easy to use and also offers the perfect platform for sharing information. That means increased awareness and better engagement. With all your EHS data in one place, you can identify trends quickly, act promptly, reduce risk and keep your people safe, no matter where they are.

Most popular modules with our Manufacturing Customers

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