Scorecard is a powerful graphical tool that makes it easy to monitor the overall health of your organisation’s Health & Safety, and compare the performance of different areas across your organisation.

The simple drilldown dial displays enable management to see at a glance which areas, committees or departments are performing particularly well or badly based on a set of key performance indicators that are set up and carefully monitored at the outset to ensure they accurately reflect what is happening.

There are various kinds of indicators from simple counts of events, such as the number of incidents involving injury or lost time, to those that compare positive indicators with negative ones and calculate a resulting score or percentage.  Usually the data analysed comes predominantly from Mirashare applications, but it can also be entered manually or imported from other systems.


Once set up and calibrated to match an organisation’s processes, Scorecard provides an invaluable aid to senior management to quickly identify which part of an organisation is lagging behind and in which ways, so that additional support and training can be delivered in the right areas.

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