Covid-19 has put health and safety related software systems and people in a prominent position.  Most crises in the UK in recent decades have centred on money, the economy, jobs and the banks. All of the above feature in the current crisis, but the overriding factor in most people’s minds is ‘How do I keep well and make sure my loved ones keep well?’   

As a result, the topic of Health and Safety even has the attention of sceptics who at other times would joke about the ‘Health and Safety Police’.


This terrible pandemic offers an opportunity for getting more employees to understand the importance of reading risk assessments, being meticulous about reporting hazards, near misses, incidents and accidents, and carrying out regular inspections. These tasks must be made as quick, efficient and painless as possible for the people carrying them out, even for those who only do them occasionally. This requires a system that inspires confidence and enables people to see that it is making a difference. In the majority of cases computer software can significantly assist in this process by offering a fast and secure way of reporting events and updating actions, one that prompts the user when something needs doing.  For those working with others whilst respecting social distancing, they will feel safer;

  • if they know their colleagues have all studied any specific Covid-19 risk assessments;
  • if they know that a daily inspection audit is being carried out to check that everything is in order;
  • if they know their work colleagues all have access to any properly verified documents that may have been issued.

Mirashare offers you these advantages and has been successfully implemented for years in the life sciences sector, where controls and standards are high. It can be configured for any business sector, including construction.

If you are looking for help with managing the implications of Covid-19 for all your staff, regardless of locations, alongside all the day to day environmental and safety issues you need to attend to, please get in touch to discuss your situation and arrange a tailored demonstration.

How Mirashare can help

Capture Covid-19 related incidents fast

  • Configure Mirashare’s Incident Reporting software to capture and report against Covid-19 events
  • Report from anywhere in a matter of seconds using the Mobile Incident and Near Miss App
  • Use Mirashare’s comprehensive searching and graphing functionality to quickly highlight areas of concern right across the business, in real-time
inspections and audits

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Be ready with your workplace Inspections and Audits

  • Create your own Covid-19 inspection templates with questions relating specifically to your business
  • Identify areas of concern and take appropriate action, record observations and provide evidence through attaching pictures or uploading documents
  • Report remotely across all areas of your business to share best practice and address non compliance quickly and effectively
Risk Assessments

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Ensure Risk Assessments relate directly to your situation

  • Create, share and edit your own Covid-19 Risk Assessments using our configurable templates
  • Benefit from automatic Version Control, to ensure everyone is always using the latest version
  • Use the automatic notification system to be confident that people who need to know are always informed without delay
DSE Assessments

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Easy to use DSE Assessments for employees working remotely & on site

  • Get started with our ready supplied DSE Assessment Template, or create your own Covid-19 version to reflect your needs
  • Keep track of assessments coming due with comprehensive search and reporting tools
  • Flag specific responses to questions as requiring management review – where intervention could be necessary, and action may be needed
Action Tracking

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Always stay on top of the action with Action Tracking

  • Assign a specific Covid-19 category to any related action you raise. This will enable you to track and review Covid-19 actions across the board
  • With Action Tracking as an integral part of every module, you’ll always be in control
  • Stay on top of actions through automatic notifications, escalations and closure confirmations

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