Controlling risk in your workplace is an essential part of any Health and Safety policy. Your business possibly has tens, if not hundreds of risk assessments. In some businesses, these are still paper based, making them difficult to manage, hard to version control and often challenging to ensure those who need to read them have immediate access.

Designed to handle even the most extensive risk assessment programmes, Mirashare’s Risk Assessment Software is the perfect solution to help improve effective EHS control.

With all your Risk Assessments version controlled and in one place, you remove the need for paperwork. As a result you can standardise your approach, increase awareness across your business, and drive a safer and healthier workplace.

Mirashare’s configurable templates enable you to create, share and centrally store your own Risk Assessments. With all your records in one place, sharing across your business is made easy, helping you create a more informed and engaged workplace.

Risk Assessment Software

Key Features

Customisable templates

Attach any document

Integrated Action Tracking

Version controlled

Configurable Risk Matrix

Read & acknowledge receipts

Add suggested revisions

Enhanced notifications

PFD report generation


Risk Assessment Software Benefits

Keeping you in control

  • With Mirashare’s Health and Safety Risk Assessment Software, create, share & edit Risk Assessments
  • Clone Risk Assessments to save time and promote a consistent approach across your business
  • Assure the quality of your RAs by defining the approval process prior to assessments being made live
  • Include additional users to be notified electronically when changes to a Risk Assessment’s status occurs
  • Consequently, having all your data in one place means it’s easily accessible and always available – when you need it
Risk Assessment Software Benefits

It’s all about timing

  • Full Version Control ensures you and your teams always have access to the most recent, approved RA
  • Set and define review dates to ensure your Risk Assessments are always current
  • Allow permissioned users to add suggested revisions to approved RA’s – these can be considered when the review process takes place
  • Email notifications ensures every member of the team associated with a Risk Assessment is kept up to date
  • Integrated Action Tracking – raise and track preventative actions through to completion
  • Ensure people who need to read an RA can be assigned and tracked through ‘read and acknowledgement’ electronic signature
Risk Assessment Software Benefits

Bring your risk assessments to life

  • View the status of your Risk Assessments across your organisation at a glance
  • Identify trends quickly using real-time information to drive change and improvement
  • Generate graphs in one click to provide a powerful visual representation of your results
  • Drill down using real-time information to get to the heart of the issue
  • As a result, see and compare all your data in one place for your entire organisation

In conclusion, our software supports different types of Risk Assessment including Covid-19 and COSHH assessment, Task Based and Manual Handling – from initiation through to closure. Mirashare’s risk assessment software is flexible enough to meet your specific requirements, comprehensive enough to manage your entire risk assessment programme and powerful enough to put you in complete control. Helping you eliminate risk, keep people safe, keep your business running.

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