Mirashare’s incident and near miss software makes reporting easy, intuitive and available to all. And with your incident data stored in one place you have real-time information at your fingertips, helping you to make the right decisions – decisions that will make the workplace safer for everyone.

Driving health and safety improvement starts with ensuring effective and comprehensive incident and near miss reporting. Every incident, accident or near miss provides an opportunity to review process, make change, educate our teams and ensure we keep our people as safe as possible. Consequently, making it easy for your team to report is an essential element for success.

Incident and Near Miss Software

Key Features

Mobile Reporting App

Integrated action tracking

Configure email or SMS notifications

Record basic and root causes

Assign Investigation Teams

Permission controlled workflow


Incident Management Software Benefits

Incident, Accident and Near Miss Reporting made simple 

  • Report your incidents, accidents and near misses in seconds with a user friendly interface that’s intuitive
  • Record all related information quickly and easily, freeing your time for investigation and corrective action
  • A workflow that works for you and with you, to ensure all relevant detail is captured
  • Integrates seamlessly with Action Tracking to ensure all actions are tracked and escalated where needed
  • Mirashare’s Incident and Near Miss Software is permission controlled giving you peace of mind
Incident Management Software Benefits

Helping you drive a positive reporting culture

  • Automated notifications by email or SMS ensures those who need to be informed are notified, instantly
  • Customisable forms that speak your language, driving a standard, straightforward way of reporting
  • Making timely, informed, decisions encourages participation and demonstrates employer commitment
  • Mirashare’s Incident and Near Miss Reporting App provides an easy way for your team to report, even when working off site
Incident Management Software Benefits

With access to real-time data, you’re always in the picture

  • Identify trends quickly using real-time information to reduce risk and drive change
  • Generate graphs in one click to provide a powerful visual representation of your incidents & near misses
  • Drill down using real-time information to get to the heart of the issue and make appropriate changes
  • See and compare all your data in one place across your entire organisation – measure each part of your business

The ability to add photos and other files to an incident or near miss report means that no detail need be left out. Likewise, CAPAs – corrective actions and preventative actions – are managed and visible. In short, the data collected allows thorough analysis to help identify where the next incident is likely to occur. In addition, you also have the option of associating a more detailed Root Cause Analysis or a Risk Assessment to an incident or accident, helping you drive an even safer working environment.

Mobile App Incident Reporting

Report from anywhere, in an instant, with Mirashare’s Incident Reporting App

Our Mobile App makes reporting an incident, accident or near miss even easier, almost without keying in data. Photos, GPS location and the sender’s identity are all captured, along with voice or sound recordings. So, improve and increase near miss reporting across your business today by making it easier and simpler for people to report.

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