Change is a constant in every organisation if it is to survive in the long term. How we deal with those changes can be crucial to the smooth running of an organisation, its safety, the service levels to customers and ultimately the effectiveness and profitability of the organisation.

Mirashare Change Control is suitable for managing and controlling the risk from:

  • Changes to buildings, plant and equipment
  • Changes in ways of working – procedures, processes, products
  • Changes to IT processes, software or hardware
  • Almost any kind of change that may impact an organisation
Change Management Software

It works by providing a systematised workflow solution for ensuring that the right people review a proposed change and have the opportunity to comment or reject it in its current state before work starts. 

The change can be amended and re-submitted for further reviews until it is finally accepted and goes to final approval and the pre-implementation stage.

  • Prevents Incidents caused by unplanned changes
  • Controls risk to products
  • Avoids unnecessary cost
  • Avoids delays due to unforeseen consequences
  • Shows due diligence to any reviewers

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