Most organisations we speak to arrive at the point of looking for EHS software for a number of reasons. Sometimes they’re still using paper and pen to write their risk assessments. Maybe they’re still recording audits and inspections using spreadsheets. Or perhaps their IT teams developed bespoke software that no longer meets their expanding needs. In addition, understanding and communicating the true benefits of EHS Software can often seem like a challenge.

Whatever the reason, here at Mirashare we can help. Below you’ll fine a few of the benefits we believe Mirashare could be bring to your business. Additionally we’ve included a link to our ebook which helps demonstrate the benefits of EHS Software:

Mirashare EHS Software – Benefits and Features

Scalable for any business

Designed by EHS management professionals who understand the industry. Mirashare’s health and safety software is a scalable solution, making it suitable for organisations of any size. And because our software is modular you only pay for the solutions you need. But you still have the option of adding new modules later as your business needs change or grow.

Everything in one place

Mirashare’s health and safety software provides you with a single “system of record” for all your organisation’s EHS data. In other words, helping you to make more informed EHS decisions. With everything in one place, you can better understand the health and safety of your organisation. This in turn enables you to make improvements and reduce incidents, injury rates and costs.

Wide range of modules

With 14 modules, Mirashare gives you a flexible choice of solutions that are right for you now, and importantly, in the future. From Incident Management to Audits, Risk Assessment to Report Scheduler, we have an option that’s right for you. Set-up is fully supported by our dedicated Mirashare Team therefore implementation is focussed, straightforward, and timely.

Easy to use

Our software is intuitive and easy to use, facilitating user engagement and fostering proactive leadership, accountability, and ownership. In addition, each module has a standard ‘look and feel’, so everyone can use it confidently, without the need for a huge investment in training.

Flexibility & control

Mirashare’s EHS Software provides you with as much flexibility and control as you need. Sophisticated permissions allow you to give anyone access to any number of modules. In other words, you manage who sees (and does) what, and we work with you to reflect your orgainisation structure and facility layout to further deliver the control you need.

Searching & graphing

Our comprehensive searching and graphing functionality means you can take the data selected in your search to create a wide range of dynamic charts to help you quickly identify and present trends relating to your organisation’s health and safety. Save time by saving repeatable searches and graphs – all in just one click.

Real-time data

Incidents and hazards can be reported instantly by anyone in your company. This allows you to make real-time decisions based on real-time information. And it’s not just Incidents. With Mirashare’s EHS Software you’ll always have immediate access to the most recent approved Risk Assessment, have an overview of your team members actions, or access to the latest Site Audit – everything in real-time, in an instant.

Standard reporting

Our health and safety software solution helps you standardise the way you report. Structured data capture means employees are encouraged to report in a consistent manner. As a result you always get a full picture. Likewise, configurable templates help increase productivity and compliance through a common and accepted approach. And with Report Scheduler, you’ll never miss a beat.

Brings information to life

Mirashare’s powerful metrics & drill-down searches put your information in visually appealing and easy-to-understand graphs that allow you to quickly spot trends in your data. Depending on your reporting needs and KPIs, your dashboard, which will serve as the main hub for all of your EHS management modules, can be tailored to your needs so that key KPIs are in sharp focus every time you log into Mirashare.

Transforms engagement

Quick and easy reporting helps to engage all of your employees so that you can work as a team to achieve high levels of health and safety across the board. Consequently, this has a positive impact on your business’ reputation, showing how you make health and safety an important part of your every-day work culture.

First-class support

Here at Mirashare we pride ourselves on offering a first-class helpdesk support, which is included as part of the annual licencing fee. And across our modules you’ll also find options for adding your own tailored support for your teams from pull up help text across various screens, to Mirashare’s online training for every module. In short, we’ve got you covered.

Lead from the front

Mirashare’s EHS Software provides you with the tools to lead from the front – early notification of events, on screen status reports of progress and extensive reporting tools. Above all, these give you greater control and better visibility of EHS across your business.

At Mirashare, we also understand that financial investment in new health and safety software needs to be clearly justified. To help support you in your business case, we’ve therefore created a free ‘Counting the Cost’ guide – download your copy today. Let us help you demonstrate how Mirashare’s EHS Software Solution can help your organisation’s bottom line as well as help you build a safer workplace.

Benefits of EHS Software

Meanwhile, explore some of the modules Mirashare has to offer. Alternatively select all 14 modules and let us demonstrate how Mirashare can help your business today:

Benefits of EHS Software - Incident Management

Incident Management

Benefits of EHS Software - Mobile Incident Reporting

Incident App

Benefits of EHS Software - Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment

Benefits of EHS Software - All other Modules

All 14 Modules