Incident, Near Miss, Hazard and Good Save reporting in an instant

This App is invaluable if you have people on the move who you want to report hazards so that preventative action can be taken before something bad happens.  So often hazards and other near misses go unreported because of the administrative hassle of filling in forms or delaying reports until back in the office.  With the mobile app 30 seconds is all it takes. Someone else can take over from there and can always come back to the original reporter if further information is required.

The easy way to report Incidents, Near Misses, Hazards and Good Saves

Mirashare’s mobile app was developed with ease of use as the primary objective.  It enables an event to be swiftly recorded using any mix of photo images, words and sound recording, supplemented by key information collected automatically – the person reporting, time, date and location.

These details are uploaded to the organisation’s Mirashare system ready for review and assessment while the relevant people are notified by email or SMS.

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