Incident, Near Miss, Hazard and Good Save reporting – in an instant

Do you want to develop or enhance a culture of near miss reporting across your organisation? Does your business have people who are constantly on the move? Do you want to give them the ability to report incidents and hazards quickly and easily?

Our research shows that hazards and other near misses often go unreported. This can be, for example, due to the amount of administration effort needed to fill in tedious handwritten reports. And it can also be because they currently don’t have the technology in place to support straightforward, stress-free, timely reporting.

Mirashare’s Incident and Near Miss Reporting App provides you with an effective and hassle-free solution.

Designed with ease of use as the primary objective, it enables an event to be recorded in seconds, using a mix of photo images, video, sound recording and words. Key information such as the reporting person, time, date and location are collected automatically, meaning you spend less time creating the report.

The report then comes through to the Incident Management or Good Practice Save Module, depending on which one you have implemented. This enables the team to then swiftly take corrective action to avoid a potentially serious incident.

Mobile App Incident Reporting

Mirashare’s Incident and Near Miss Reporting App can be used in a way that’s right for you, and right for your business needs.

You may have members of your team who need to have access to report hazards and incidents on the move, but require nothing further. That’s no problem for Mirashare as ‘Mobile Only’ users can be created, giving you the flexibility to manage your teams’ access.

In addition, Mirashare’s Incident and Near Miss Reporting App also comes with the option to send ‘push notification’ messages to your teams. This can be managed using a variety of filters and can also be scheduled to be sent at a particular date and time, meaning you’ll always be able to keep your teams up to date and informed.

In summary, using the app is a great way of encouraging a culture of reporting. It’s quick, straightforward, and easy to use. It also works particularly well where you have a large number of contractors working on a site or project. And with over 4,200 near misses being reported by customers using Mirashare each month, we’re helping you prevent incidents in the future.

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