For many, a new cloud based EHS software solution feels like a cost that just cannot be afforded right now.  After-all, there are ‘other departments where we need to spend money, which have more pressing priorities at the moment’ – right?

Wrong!  There couldn’t be a more important priority for any business than building a healthy, safe and productive workplace. Research shows how a small investment in effective Health and Safety Software can help you save money. And those long term savings can be in terms of manpower and productivity, expenses, or worst-case scenario, heavy fines.

Here at Mirashare, using experience gained from customers who have already seen the benefits of our EHS software, we’ve pulled together some quick questions. These may help you build your business case for change. But at the very least, they’ll provide food for thought around your current practices.

Invest in Health and Safety Software
  1. How many hours a week do you and your team spend managing an incident?

Be honest with yourself about your current system. If it’s paper, pen or spreadsheet at the moment, log how much time do you spend completing onerous forms? And how about filing reports and physically looking for them when responding to requests for information? Wouldn’t it be more productive and easier to process, if everything was electronically stored securely in one place.

  1. What are you losing by not reporting near misses?

How many times do we hear that an incident could have been avoided if action had been taken before it happened? Not having the opportunity to learn from Near Miss reports and implementation of CAPA’s before an incident happens can mean you are losing productive time. Are your team spending more time and hours handling issues that could have been avoided? And how much does that cost in terms of interruption to your business? 

  1. How much time do you spend chasing people to make sure CAPA’s are actioned?

Imagine an environment where actions are monitored electronically, observations shared, tasks reassigned, and workload assessed. It’s not a utopia! But perhaps your current method of action tracking means you spend time chasing people. Maybe you teams miss deadlines, fail to prioritise, overlook or even worse, lose important actions. Cloud-based Health and Safety Software like Mirashare can help you save time. In addition, increase control and improve productivity also come with having all your records in one place.

  1. How many times have you been caught out with the wrong risk assessment?

Are you still using paper-based risk assessments and are they tightly version controlled and easily accessible? If not, this could incur avoidable costs or even injuries due to human error. Sometimes, due to lack of access to the RA, or staff changeover perhaps, a superseded version is used. And this can have potentially serious results. At worst it results in an accident which involves injury, legal costs and possibly compensation payments … and still the original work is waiting to be done! A cloud-based EHS Software solution makes it possible to edit RA’s across sites, buildings & departments. It makes sure only the most current version is available. And also ensures the right people have read the right risk assessment.

  1. How many times do you ‘reinvent the wheel’ on presentations, metrics & management reporting?

How much of your time is spent preparing figures for senior management from paper files, a selection of spreadsheets or word files? And how quickly does the data cease to be ‘real time’ once you have produced your report? Yesterday’s news is just that!  With an electronic health and safety solution, through the press of a button, you could produce meaningful charts, identify trends, and demonstrate departmental comparisons –all in real time – and all taking seconds to produce.  How much time, every week, every month, even every year, would that give you back to focus on business-critical priorities?

  1. If I counted the mileage I cover each year, as well as the cost…

If you had a pound for every mile you’ve covered travelling from site to site to obtain information, check audits, ensure you have the right risk assessments in the right place at the right time, chase people to make sure actions really have been actioned, you’d probably be a very rich person. It’s exhausting just thinking about it! An integrated Health and Safety Software system is invaluable if you operate across sites. But it’s not only the mileage that factors into this equation – it’s also lost time spent in traffic and on motorways as well as your carbon footprint!

  1. Legal expenses – It’ll never happen to us!

Costs of HR, legal expenses and compensation, should there be a serious event, can be considerable, not to mention lost time for injuries. If a serious event occurs that could potentially have been avoided because the event involved the use of an old risk assessment, or not implementing an important corrective action for example, cost of investment in an EHS solution could pale into insignificance when compared with the potential penalties incurred.

We hope you have found our article interesting, and its opened a wider scope for potential savings than you initially realised. For more information about how to calculate potential savings download our free guide today.