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The UK building and construction sector currently has around 2.3 million employees to keep safe. And with the many hazardous occupations involved this is no easy task! Last year 28% of all recorded fatalities occurred in the construction sector. But what more can be done? Louise Perryman, Director at Elmstone Systems Ltd, believes that implementing a cloud-based EHS solution can help by supporting efforts to embed a strong company health and safety culture. In a recent article for the Refurb and Developer Magazine, she tells us why.

“Over the last five years, we’ve seen increased awareness of the benefits that technology can offer the construction sector. BIM has been increasingly adopted in some organisations but many problems remain. Project size plus price-based competitive tendering increase complexity whilst encouraging contractors to cut corners. Health and safety should not be one of those corners.”

So, what should you look for to help your business develop the best possible Health and Safety culture?

“Any system you choose should be easy to use and integrated. In addition, it should be quick to implement and effective in supporting the target of zero harm” says Louise. “Also, it should have a common look and feel. This means that once you know one part of the system, it’s a small step to start using new functions.  It should be an enabler, making the task simpler and producing a better result. In short, this makes the investment very cost effective and reduces the chances of fines and reputational damage through bad H&S practice and injuries”

Health and Safety Software for Construction

Make sure your chosen health and safety software solution has the potential to make your employees safer. Once they understand this, they are more likely to ‘feed’ it with accurate data such as incident and inspections reports as well as good saves.  If it’s been implemented correctly, this should start to show month on month in a downward curve in the accident charts. And also, a steady increase in reporting of near misses.

Mirashare does all of the above and has the advantage of initially being designed together with EHS professionals.  It has a loyal customer base, from global pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer to prestigious niche specialists like PAYE Stone Restoration. A recent customer testimonial states: ‘Overall, Mirashare has positively influenced a better H&S culture, improved compliance and ensured high H&S standards are confluent throughout the business’.

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Health and Safety Software Editorial for the Refurb and Developer Magazine