Most organisations have some projects that involve the same tasks and people on a recurring basis (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.).

The Project Control Application enables you to create templates of the actions which makeup those projects together with their normal durations, sequence etc.

When you want to execute a project you:

  • Copy in the template of actions
  • Define the start or end date
  • Make adjustments to timing and assignees
  • Launch the new project
Project Control

This causes all the people involved to be notified of their actions, which they can view and update in the integrated Action Tracking system. Examples of where you might use this are a charity organising an overseas aid flight, a Manager organising a set up department staff reviews or pre-shutdown procedures.

Key benefits are:

  • Standardisation of projects
  • Speed of project set-up and fast notification
  • Close control of all actions assigned 
  • Escalation when actions are overdue

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