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The last 5 years has seen an increased awareness of the benefits technology can bring to the Construction Sector. Technology already helps capture and track critical data and site information on construction projects, with a positive impact on both profit and customer satisfaction.

So how can technology provide a solution to the unique safety challenges faced on today’s construction sites?

Moving away from manual reporting methods, whether for incident reporting, near misses, inspections and audits, or risk assessments, will make a significant difference to the way you manage health and safety. Giving your workers first class tools that are easy to use, straight forward and reliable means they are more likely to see it, report it, and sort it. And with all the data you need at your finger tips, you can manage your unique risks better, respond quickly and effectively, and demonstrate clear compliance.

So whether you work across multiple projects or several locations, Mirashare is a first class health and safety software solution that can help you engage your workforce, and manage safety risk.

Our Core Modules

Report Incidents and Near Misses quickly and efficiently

Move away from manual reporting with Mirashare Incident Management. Report incidents & near misses within seconds with our Mirasnap App – perfect for workers on site who just need a quick, easy to use solution.  With powerful searching and graphing, access all the information you need to analyse trends and take informed decisions within seconds. And with email or SMS notifications, you’re always informed.

Always stay on top of the action

With Action Tracking at the heart of Mirashare, you’ll never lose track of actions. Whether raised as part of a Risk Assessment, an Audit or an Incident, see what’s outstanding or overdue. Automatically notify assignee’s that an action has been raised, escalate when an action becomes overdue. And it doesn’t just need to be specific to Health and Safety – you can use Action Tracking for other areas of your business as well.

Let Audits and Inspections work for you

Still using spreadsheets to manage your audits? Don’t have all your records to hand, and in one place? Audit and Inspections allows you to configure your own templates, attach files of any type, and adopt scoring to help identify trends and ensure compliance. Record observations and assign actions quickly and easily. Audit Scheduler can also save you administration time and cost, and ensure you never miss another Audit.

Have the right Risk Assessment for the job at hand

With Risk Assessment, create your own templates, or use Mirashare’s existing templates. Identify hazards, record controls and manage risks. Version control means your workers are always sure they have the most up to date Risk Assessment to work from, and the e-signature ‘Read and Acknowledge’ feature means they have done just that. Clone Risk Assessments to save time and effort and ensure consistency.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Our customers trust that Mirashare can help them build a safer and healthier workplace. But don’t just take our word for it:

“The benefits Audits and Inspections in particular have brought us are tremendous – everything is now on line, easy to access and easy to report on”

“Support by Elmstone has been first class with quick responses to changes we have requested, and also in providing help and queries on using the system”

“Since we started using Mirashare we have seen an improved alignment of our procedures which has helped increase productivity and H&S compliance at SPD”