One of the most common problems we hear about in Health and Safety relates to the significant amount of time spent preparing reports, usually because the data is held across different systems and formats. Mirashare helps resolve those issues. All data is held securely in one place, and real time searches can be run with just one click.

Reporting features and benefits

Manage data searches

The information captured within Mirashare is very rich. It offers you the opportunity to interrogate all the data in as much detail as you require. Once you have built a search you know you want to use regularly, you can save it, and run it again with one simple click.

Generate graphs

Tired of compiling data in spreadsheets? Our graphing functionality means you can take the data selected in your search to create a wide range of dynamic charts to help you quickly identify and present trends relating to your organisation’s health and safety.

Tailor your dashboards

Depending on your reporting needs and KPIs your dashboard, which will serve as the main hub for all of your EHS management modules, can be tailored to your specific requirements. See Scorecard Module for more complex needs.

Match your structure

Your version of the software can be built to fully match the existing structure of your organisation, ensuring you have all the controls and reporting you need.

Configure your templates

Configurable templates and data reporting forms available within Mirashare means you can easily create forms and checklists, depending on your requirements.

Flexible modules

Our flexible, modular approach means you can select the modules you need depending on your business requirements. Just add modules as and when you need them.

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