Engaging staff, at all levels, to solve problems & increase safety ownership is key to a safe and healthy culture. Most importantly the need to be safe at work is critical for any employee and employer.

Here at Mirashare we’ve written a guide that puts a spotlight on the cost of incidents to a business, each year. And we don’t just mean the financial costs.

Our guide provides advice for Directors on how to reduce the risk of Health and Safety Incidents in your business. In addition, it includes the practical steps you can take and the tools you need to ensure that your business doesn’t face substantial fines for things that don’t happen. And we offer ideas for best practice approaches to reducing the cost of Incidents. Which also includes their impact on your bottom line.

Also, discover how technology today really can help you build a culture of safety and engagement. Most importantly, not just in one area, but right across your business. And with Mirashare’s Cloud-Based Health and Safety Software, learn how you can reduce your exposure, increase reporting, and reduce risk.