An engaged workforce is likely to be a safer workforce. To achieve this, employees must be actively encouraged to participate in different aspects of health and safety. You’ll need the right tools to do this – and that’s where Mirashare can help.

Supporting a positive health and safety culture

Standard look and feel

Every module has a standard look and feel, so no matter which module you are in, it looks and feels familiar.

Easy to use

Mirashare software is intuitive and easy to use, making adoption and uptake a more positive experience, even for those of your team who may require a little more time.

Online training

Our online training is available for every module, making self-learning available to your team should they need it.

Reduced Complexity

When you choose Mirashare, you only choose the modules you need. Set up is fully supported by our team making implementation straightforward.

Mobile Reporting App

The ability to report incidents, near misses and good saves using our mobile reporting app means your team can report from anywhere – it takes just seconds. Notification by text or email means you have instant access to start investigations.

Lead From The Front

We provide you with the tools to lead from the front – early notification of events, on screen status reports of progress and extensive reporting tools. Together, these give you greater control and better visibility of EHS across your business.

To see Mirashare in action, click on the button below to book a free demonstration with one of our team.