Drive down incidents and increase the overall health and safety of your workplace with our powerful and flexible EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) management system, Mirashare. Take control of processes and business improvement with software that allows you to effectively track, manage and report health and safety across your organisation.

It’s a fully inclusive system that helps you ensure compliance, encouraging positive engagement across your entire company which creates a healthier and safer working environment. Not just for HR departments, Mirashare can be used by everyone within a company, utilising benefits that eliminate paperwork and take the pressure off, reassuring you that your health and safety management is under control.

Features and Benefits

Scalable For All

Designed by EHS management professionals who understand the industry, our EHS management system is a scalable solution, making it suitable for organisations large and small. The simple licence fee structure supports the scalability of Mirashare.

Meets All Your Needs

Mirashare is designed to meet all of your needs with EHS management recording and reporting all in one place, with one single solution. It helps you better understand the health and safety of your organisation, so you can make improvements and reduce incidents, injury rates and costs.

Range of Modules

With fourteen modules, Mirashare gives you a flexible choice of solutions that are right for you now, and in the future. There is only one compulsory module – Action Tracking – with the rest, you choose what you want, and you are charged per module.

Real-time Data

Incidents and hazards can be reported instantly by anyone in your company. This allows you to make real-time decisions based on real-time information.

Easy to Use

Our software is simple and easy to use, making it ideal for integrating across your organisation, so that everyone can use it effectively.

Full Flexibility & Control

We provide you with as much flexibility and control as you need. Sophisticated permissions allow you to give anyone access to any number of modules. You control who sees what.

Accessible Anywhere

Mirashare is cloud-hosted, meaning you can access your data anywhere. It’s accessible via desktop, mobile or tablet, meaning employees can report incidents on the go.

Transforms Employee Engagement

Quick and easy reporting helps to engage all of your employees so that you can work as a team to achieve high levels of health and safety across the board. This helps improve your business’ reputation, showing how you make health and safety an important part of your work culture.

Brings Information to Life

The powerful metrics and drill-down searches put your information in visually appealing and easy-to-understand graphs that allow you to quickly spot trends in your data.

Action Tracking is fully integrated with all other Mirashare modules meaning actions can be raised from within Risk Assessments or Incident Management for example, and tracked and monitored through to completion – all in one place.

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