Do people in your organisation think using software specifically designed to help manage your EHS activities will be very costly? Do they regard anything more than a spreadsheet as an extravagance? With Mirashare, we believe that investment in an EHS software solution is not only cost effective, but provides long term benefits to your organisation in terms of increasing productivity, streamlining your approach to EHS and cost avoidance, both from a human and financial perspective.

Mirashare is a modular solution, which means you are only paying for the modules you really want, and not functionality that you don’t need.  In addition, our approach to licence fee structure provides scalability and ability to grow with your business, ensuring great value for money.

Our Cost Benefit Analysis Tool

Let us show you how a good EHS management system can improve your organisation’s productivity as well as the health and safety of your employees. Our CBA tool identifies areas where major savings can be made, which in turn can help you build a business case for change.

Identify Savings

Shows you where to find savings that can give you a return of investment in one year, and great savings over five years

Question Based

Takes into account factors that you may not have previously considered, for example travelling expenses and time spent generating management reports

EHS Aligned

Created in collaboration with Health and Safety professionals who understand the industry, our CBA Tool is relevant and easy to use

Simple to use and quick to see the impact savings would have on your organisation, Mirashare can save you time and money, as well as reducing incidents and injuries – something all senior managers want to know.

EHS Management Software Cost-Benefit Analysis

To receive a free copy of our EHS Cost Benefit Analysis Tool, please click here CBA Download, and fill out your details – we’ll email you a link to download it. If you have any questions, or would like help completing the CBA, please call 01304 382 410 to speak with a member of our Mirashare Team.